Material Testing

Testing of materials and welds can be an invaluable asset for quality control and new process development. Optical examination and testing can prove if material quality, heat treated condition and welds are within specification and as-desired.

Included amongst the testing available internally are:

  • Weld Evaluations
  • Microstructural Assessment
  • Grain Size (ASTM E112)
  • Cleanliness / Inclusion Rating (ASTM E45)
  • Depth of Decarburization
  • Effective Case Depth
  • Iron Casting Evaluation (ASTM B247)
  • Plating / Coating Thickness
  • Coating Hardness (Vickers Hardness)
  • Volume Fraction (ASTM E562)
  • Ferrite Content (ASTM E562)
  • Hardness Testing HRB/HRC Scales
  • Microhardness Survey (Vickers, 100-1000gf load)
  • SEM Examination and EDS Analysis

We also can assist with and oversee chemical and mechanical testing. Partnered with an ISO 17025 laboratory, we can design the testing necessary, manage and provide discussion regarding the obtained results.