Asset management is critical for the economic production of energy. In the event of equipment failure, having the right information quickly to make informed decisions can make all the difference in regaining reliability. Steel Image helps in resolving and preventing equipment failures by providing metallurgical analysis.


Failure analysis uses lab-based equipment to determine the details of equipment failure which may not be apparent by eye. These tools can identify the suffered damage mechanism(s), assess for material quality issues and reveal additional relevant factors which contributed to failure. This understanding can then be applied to develop smart, effective solutions to prevent future losses.

Time can be critical. At such moments, preliminary results can be provided within 24 hours.


In addition to laboratory support, Steel Image is considered amongst the top experts in field, in-situ metallography. This inspection method assesses the material condition and fitness for continued service of components which sustain life-limiting operating conditions. We can provide preliminary results within 24 hours, allowing for critical steps based off these findings to be applied during the same shutdown.