Steel Image supports inspection teams by providing additional resources including a complete metallurgical laboratory, field analysis (in-situ metallography) and metallurgical expertise. This allows for the integration of root cause failure analysis, material testing and material knowledge with inspection.


After NDT inspection finds the presence of cracks, metallurgical analysis can explain how and why irregular cracks had formed. Metallurgical failure analysis uses lab-based equipment to provide details not visibly apparent. Such as proving the damage mechanism, identifying relevant environmental/loading factors and assess if a material condition had contributed to failure. Combined with the inspection findings, this information can help develop a comprehensive understanding of the damage, useful for developing strategies to resolve the issue.


In-situ metallography is a field, non-destructive technique which evaluates a component’s material condition. This method assesses the material structure of components on-site at accessible locations.

In-situ metallography can support inspection in the following applications:

  1. Plant shutdown inspection assessing for thermal degradation of boiler tubes, reactor shells and other parts which experience life-limiting service degradation.
  2. Examination of irregular NDT indications. Identify details regarding crack formation and surrounding material.
  3. Damage assessment in the event of a boiler/reactor failure. Provides information to ensure applied repairs remove damaged material.

Having the resources to discuss in detail materials, damage mechanisms and testing methods can come in handy. Contact us to learn more about how we can help.

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