Whether in design, production or out on the highway, components failures can be expensive and dangerous. Having the right information quickly can make all the difference in preventing additional failures. Steel Image helps in resolving quality, design and service failure issues by providing information only available through metallurgical laboratory analysis.


In the event of in-house quality issues or field failures, obtaining a clear diagnosis is needed to cost-effectively resolving the issue. Steel Image uses lab-based equipment to provide the details of failure, production and material issues. Understanding whether the problem is from misuse, material quality, manufacturing, heat treatment, etc. will allow for informed decisions regarding recalls, quarantine and corrective actions.

Unique to Ontario and demanded by the industry, Steel Image can provide preliminary results within 24 when time is critical.


When a prototype component fails during testing, without knowing the precise cause of failure, the designer may be forced to make conservative adjustments which could be costly throughout the part’s campaign. Therefore, it is critical to understand the precise cause of failure in order to develop cost-effective solutions. Failure analysis can provide this information including details such as the location of crack initiation, nature of stresses and identify material issues or prototype deficiencies.

The same analysis tools can also provide support in assessing initial production parts for material quality, heat treatments, machined radii, etc.

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