On-Site Examination

Steel Image has provided in-situ metallography throughout the world, across various industries including petrochemical and energy, and is considered a leading expert in the field. As a unique service, we have the ability to provide preliminary results within less than 24hrs when results are needed quickly.

In-situ metallography is a non-destructive process that can evaluate the material condition on-site, assess for service deterioration or be used to learn more about cracks and indications. As an exclusive service, Steel Image can bring all the necessary equipment to the site, including a high-powered microscope, to provide immediate results.

In-situ metallography is commonly used for the following applications:

  1. Inspection during planned shutdowns to assess for thermal damage of boiler tubes and furnace parts as part of a fitness-for-service evaluation.
  2. Supporting inspection by further examining irregular indications found by NDT when destructive testing isn’t desired.
  3. Assisting after equipment failures by providing a damage survey, ensuring as much information as possible is available to make informed repair decisions.

Example Reports