Steel Service

When production issues or service failures occur, the material supplier often becomes involved in the ensuing investigation. Although the supplying mills can provide some support, this work may be viewed as biased or too slow to meet the urgency of the situation. Steel Image provides quick, third party laboratory analysis to diagnosis the origins of material quality and manufacturing issues.


While investigating quality concerns, laboratory analysis can provide proof as to the cause of the problem. Microscopy and materials testing can help pinpoint if the problem was the result of the as-supplied material, a manufacturing process, misuse of the final product or another contributing factor. This knowledge can then be applied towards decisions regarding resolving the issue, such as process adjustment, batch quarantine or supplier corrective actions.

Unique to Ontario and demanded by the industry, Steel Image can provide preliminary
results within 48 hours when time is critical.


The same laboratory tools can evaluate the incoming material quality and ensure that processes such as heat treatment are being performed within specification. Whether proving new suppliers, providing additional customer confidence or interested in monitoring on-going quality, contact us to learn more about how we can help.

Example Reports

Metal pipes