Equipment failures can cost companies millions of dollars in lost production, replacement expenses and create safety concerns. Steel Image helps in resolving and preventing equipment failures by providing metallurgical laboratory services to support maintenance and reliability programs. This is accomplished by providing two core services: failure analysis and on-site material evaluation.


Diagnosing the precise cause of failure is critical for developing cost-effective solutions to prevent the re-occurrence of failure. Metallurgical failure analysis incorporates labbased equipment to analyze and explain why a metallic component failed. This ensures that RCFA and corrective actions are based upon understanding the factors contributing to failure. Expedited services are available upon request, offering the fastest turnaround time in Canada.

ON-SITE MATERIAL EVALUATION (In-situ metallography)

In-situ metallography can non-destructively assess the material condition of components on-site, evaluating their reliability for continued service. This inspection is a preventative measure applied to critical components at risk of high temperature degradation in equipment such as boilers, reactors and furnaces. Unique to the industry, Steel Image can provide preliminary results within 24 hours. This allows for further inspection, repair or replacement within a single shutdown period.


We also provide metallurgical consulting and laboratory analysis to further support metallurgical issues. Contact us to learn more about how we can help.

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